Into the forbidden.

Hasselblad 500cm 80mmCF, Acros.
Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Ayuthaya, Thailand. March 2011.

I should not have been here. See the interesting thing about this one is that in my some what delirious state of mind, as I wandered around these temples mid morning in a fairly decent heat and humidity, i managed to wander up a set of stairs that had me somewhere I wasnt meant to be. Heres me staring at the scene your seeing, thinking that even though the suns high im excited to get a few picts. I line it all up and pop off one or two shots.

After that I wander over to the set of stairs there and head on in, not entirely sure what ill see. I get in there and the first thing I hear is bats. Then as my eyes adjust I see that this is some place special which is apparent by the amount of ornaments and statues lined up all over. There is a picture or two framed and faded of some person unknown staring back at me propped up against a dirt pile here and there. The area was not big and there were numerous tunnels heading off in several directions which would require crawling. I thought it best to leave.

On my exit of the area I found that there was a no access sign posted on the other side from where I had climbed up, and then I read that the center of this tower was a tomb and was very sacred.

A little shocked to say the least. I never should have been there.

Its strange looking at this pict now with its weird glow around this door way.


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