Leica M8 with 50mm f/1.0 and Zeiss 18mm f/4.0

Had the privilege of shooting the Leica system on a recent day off. Took a Leica M8 digital body with a Leica 50mm 1.0 Noctilux and a Zeiss 18mm 4.0 Distagon. It was interesting getting back to shooting digital. Id say if i had to shoot 35mm digital format with any seriousness then Id shoot a Leica or at the very least Leica glass. The images below were all captured in RAW and then converted to Jpeg with no processing other then perhaps a crop. Impressive colors, sharpness, and contrast without looking over the top. Some how there is just a certain flavour to the Leica images that cant be created in post production. This is a very fun little system to have had the opportunity to play with. Id love to have it for another day and really get some great people shots.


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