Sometimes you stumble and do not fall.

We all like to look around for the right thing to fulfill our needs for the second, minute, hour, day and so on, but sometimes the simplest of mistakes of which we might find to usually be troublesome can turn out to be unpolished gems. Indeed i fell upon a link today which had me stop and take a breather and just watch. Nothing fantastic, nothing that will win awards, nothing that we cant see in our everyday but thats just the point. We get so wrapped up in our everyday that we forget to actually see whats going on around us. The present time is in my belief the single most photographed time of our very existance. There will be so much on record of what we do with ourselves in this time that we really are doing some justice to the future generations, in revealing our short comings and achievements. Why not stop for a second and take a breather from the everyday pace of life and reflect on the simple wonders and joys of these our everyday unconscience actions captured here via flickr. Stop and Enjoy.

excuse the ads on the side…there we go distracting ourselves again.

Thanks Canadidan:


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  1. you’re right. damn swiss come up with some cool stuff.

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