DSC_0049Casey hadnt even been waiting that long but it was starting to seem like forever. She had decided to get in to the city early so as to be at the meeting place earlier then ususal. The things she had to say were just overwhealming her and she couldnt stand to be stuck with these thoughts any longer.

“He better get here soon”, she thought close to desperately. “I cant just assume he will. I need to know that he will. He made it last time, but what about the time before that. Or the time when you really needed him and he couldnt be found or contacted by any means.”

She started to get nervous and stood up and began to pace and scan up and down the street. He would be walking but from which direction she didnt know. She impulsively pulled out her phone ever few minutes to check she hadnt missed a call. Nothing. Looking at the clock again, 12 minutes had passed since she last noted the time.

“Shit, shit, shit, I knew he wouldnt make it. Fuck him, fuck him, he doesnt really matter. You can do this.” She said to her self.

“Casey” the words spoke quitely and with some doubt. She quickly spun around and found to her dismay that it he wasnt alone this time.


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