The Wrestler

Viewed this movie on line the other day and it was surprisingly good. I can see why its getting so much praise and why Mickey Rourke is being seen in the lime light.

Basically it tells the story of a veteran wrestler (think fake WWF styles) whos past his prime but with nothing else going for him keeps on pushing it. His path crosses with a stripper of which he is romantically fond of and his daughter as he trys to piece together somewhat of a normal life.

Lifes tricky, and he makes mistakes and slips back to his old ways which serves up doubt in those close to him. He struggles with these mistakes and continues with his efforts, on one hand wanting to create and live this new life and on the other slipping back into his old way of life.

Mickey plays the character well. You can really feel his sense of loss when trying to live outside of the wrestling world. He becomes just a nobody when outside the ring and this pushes him just as quickly back into it even with a bad heart. The desperation and physical look Mickey puts across is very real, and his creation of the character well developed.

The story really rings true on a number of levels, but simply put its a mans struggle with the end of an era and what he will become and how he will survive after its over.



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  1. don’t quit blooooging!

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