Something new to read…

urlThere is something more going on, in my humble opinion, then this everyday awakeness we all live and breathe through. Its my experience so far that its not enough to just live everyday without question or wonder. This feeling comes and goes for me with varying strengths each time. More recently I have been left with a lot of time to think and wonder, which in general leads me in circles and sometimes more then not it is downward tending.

Today while preparing to head to library for another day of sitting in front of the computer I recieved a message from friend to head out for coffee. Not one to pass up on such an opportunity (and who doesnt like to procrastinate every once in a while), we headed to Coles Coffee, a local berkeley coffee house, and proceded to sit and watch the world sail on by. The people watching here is especially good as its situationed on a corner and there is a lot of foot traffic in the area.

After sitting for an hour or two we decided to do what we normally do after sipping coffee and shooting the shit for a while, and we headed to a local used book store. Its here where instead of heading to the usual sections of photography or magazines, I instead headed to the area covering buddism, feeling the need to have more substance in my next book. At this stage my eye caught this book and I figured what the heck. Ive heard about Deepak and feel his presence on such shows like oprah makes him a little too new age for my liking but flicking through the book quickly it felt right.

Its a fictional account of the life of the Buddha and as I struggle with reading just the lessons of buddism I figure this will be a way to absorb some of the messages while following a story line that keeps me interested.

Will see…


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