What is it…

So going through what seems like endless job hunting. Looking at listing after listing after listing after listing. Something that popped out this morning is that they are all so hopeful of getting the person that wants to make their life based around this position.

The advertisement asks for the person to be perfect at this that and the other thing, like they should have just spent much of their waking life preparing themselves for this one opportunity to work at a retail store selling whatever. The advertiser tries to dictate what they want from the person and we ,as the potential employees, try and reorganize our resume for the billionth time in order to show that yes we are quite capable of working a cash register and talking to people on a professional level.

Its just frustrating that we have to go through this somewhat fake interaction to get a job that is in the end just a job. I guess im just not cut out for applying for job listings.

So anyone hiring???

Photo 3


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  1. a wise man once told me, “it all works out in the end.”

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