Operation Secret Stuff. Part 3

I think all bets are off. This is the closest we came and I just figure some one has filled it in since january (the last recorded entry).

Picture 1


Picture 3

Their entrance:
Picture 4

Our entrance:

Picture 5


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  1. In 1976 a few friends and I discovered those tunnels. We saw the huge iron doors built into the side of the mountain welded shut. They were right next to the road. We parked and climbed up to the top of the steep hillside and searched around and found a shaft that went down into the blackness. We left and came back with shotguns, pistols, and flashlights not knowing what in the hell we might come across. We had no idea of what was there. There was no ladder, only a skinny unstable pipe that seemed to go all the way down. We climbed into the shaft and shimmied down the shaky pipe into the unknown, scared as shit but too curious to be safe. For all we knew the pipe could have ended or broken and we’d fall into whatever was down there with no way back up. The pipe did go all the way to the bottom which was a long climb. When we saw where we were we were totally fucking blown away. It was so awesome we couldn’t believe anything like that existed secretly inside the mountain. There had been very few other explorers at that time. There was no graffiti and no evidence of vandalism. The shaft was cavernous. So big inside, that’s what was really weird. There was a rail system on the ceiling that ran the full length of the shaft obviously for transporting heavy items down through the shaft. It was long. It went on and on with rooms and offices on the sides and a few smaller shafts that went a ways then ended. The rooms had tables and chairs from World War II and there was old electronics and phones and other misc. office type items. Lots of wiring all over the place. When we came to the end of the shaft we couldn’t believe our eyes. We were looking out over high above the Pacific Ocean. And there in front of us was a massive concrete gun turret. We knew the cannon that had been there must have been a fucking monster. It was scary to look at suddenly realizing what all this weirdness was about. And consider, this was at night like 1am. Spooky as hell out there on that mountainside looking down into that huge round hole where the gun was mounted.
    It was very surreal. Looked like something you’d see in a video game nowadays. For that time it was fucking incredible. We knew nothing about that place. We only surmised what it was all about from everything we were seeing. But now reading about it 39 years later it’s amazing how right on we were about what we assumed it was all about. We went on to discover several more shafts. I can’t remember how we accessed them, it’s been so long. But that mountain has shafts running all through it. One shaft was very long and very narrow. You could touch both sides standing in the middle. There was a ledge running alongside the entire length about 3 feet up the wall. The ledge was only about 6 inches wide. Walking along the spooky corridor with flashlights I heard a noise right next to me and shined my light on one of the biggest rats I’ve ever seen standing up looking at me. I damn near blew him away with the shotgun I was carrying but fortunately my better sense prevailed since my friends were close behind me and the pellets would have ricocheted off the concrete and flew all around. Much farther up the road we found other shafts that were mostly offices and separate rooms inside. There was a lot of stuff from World War II. We told some friends and went back a week later and went into the easiest one for the girl’s sake. We were walking along and there was a light coming at us. We didn’t have the guns this time luckily bcuz it turned out to be a park ranger. He gave us all a citation for being on unauthorized grounds and we had to pay twenty bucks each. Well worth it for all the intense excitement and adventure we’d experienced. We never went back. Now for the first time I looked it up on the internet to see if there was anything about it. Everything we had concluded was verified by what I read. I figured it was all from World War II when the government was afraid of attack by the Japanese. And that’s exactly what it was. The picture I see here of a dude in a square shaft looks just like the one we found. But like I said, there was no ladder, just a thin pipe. I seem to remember a little two sided metal roof over the shaft that we had to crawl under. Super cool shit that will never happen again.

    • Wow- what a report! Thanks for the details of your adventure down there. Theres since been a TV program that went down there, very secretive of the entrance location but i think we found it. I believe the entrance had been filled in so that no one can get down there now. Might be wrong though. Sure would be cool to get down there and look around. Thanks again. Great story.

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