This is it…

This is the kind of thing I want to be doing. I mean this guys work is really inspirational. Wish I were in NZ right now to shoot JB and SH. I figure its just a matter of practise to get the eye and skill for this. Maybe this summer i should just hang out at Northstar and see if I can gather some half way decent shots of randoms.

Otherwise ill look forward to Canadia in Aug to shoot B, A, A and S. Oh and the wedding which im super stoked about being able to attend. Cant wait to see the dress Ana is gunna wear.




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  1. paraphrasing some random baseball movie… “if you buy them tickets they will come”….seriously if you buy me a ticket I will come and push my bike up and ride down the hill as many times as you like…..but then I’m guessing you’re about as broke as me rights now so that’s not gonna happen. Oh wells working on my tricktionary so you have something interesting when we finally get to hook up again (settle, don’t mean in a man love kinda way).

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