Operation secret stuff

So Chuck, john and myself went on a secret mission on tuesday 28th april to find the secret entrance to an army bunker on the marin headlands. We looked and looked and looked but after 3 hours couldnt find it. There is a video out that shows people entering the hole se we knew the general area to look but as its a concrete slab covered with bushes and the entrance is 2×3 feet we were hard pressed to find it without more specifics as to the exact area to look. We used the floor plan of the bunker (which part of is open to the public and part of it all locked up and very dark- the part we want to get to) over laid on to a map of the area to work out possible places for the entrance to be. It is said to be through a air vent and then there is a 50 foot ladder to desend which brings you to the bunker itself. We might try and head out again next tuesday and see what we can find. I have some better ideas as to where it might be located.



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  1. Where is the hole you are standing in? Is near battery 129? I guess this wasn’t the entrance you were looking for but what was it?

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