Where to from here…

As i sit here in a coffee induced shiver, i contemplate whats next. What indeed is the next step in this life…

Where Im at right now: Out of work and trying to find something new that sparks my interest. Been out of work since jan and now its april. Strange. But ive been here before, a number of times in fact. Feels like im back to square one, but I have gained some skills in the mean time. Today im filling my day by taking an application into REI and North Face so i might get a job as a retail person. WHo knows where that might lead you know. I mean in the past doing random things has worked well so why not this time too. If you dont try it you will never know.


Where im going: Who knows. Things i like to do i try and gravitate towards. Im really liking taking photos at the moment and am not sure where that can lead. Seems like everyone and their dog is taking photos these days and thats a little demoralizing for some reason. Ive lost the urge to be making things with fabrics. I think if i were around that environment again that spark would reignite, but for now im not into it. I still like mountain biking and dirt biking but due to the lack of decent mtbing round here ive had a BIG break from that. Dirt biking is good and ill get back into it once i get the cast off and fix my dirt bike, which has a broken front wheel and bent front forks.


What next: Im resigned to the fact that you cant control everything all the time. Basically I need to believe that things are going to work out and the next thing is on the way and may just take some time to be aligned correctly. Im not sure where it will happen but i feel like living some where where there is a little more nature and riding and little more readliy accessible. Ride from the front door kind of thing.


So thats what I got today.

Off to muir woods for a walk and take some pictures….

Thanks for reading.


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  1. SNAP. Have a head full of ideas about where I’d like to see things head, a bunch of impatience about getting there and a niggly little voice that questions my ability to make it happen and brings me down. What I always come back to is following the things that spark my interest. Sometimes it will lead to an opportunity, sometimes it won’t. Sometimes you’ll need to suck it up and not enjoy certain aspects of your life that let you realize your interest, sometimes it will all fall in to place. But at least you won’t have led the life of a drone. Following painting sums it up for me really, and hey you’ve prolly been down that street at 5pm and asked the same question “What the fuck are all you people doing? What happened to your fucking lives?” http://www.artknowledgenews.com/files2007a/JohnBrackCollinsStreet5pm.jpg

    Chin up.

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